Happy 2019!


Happy new year, everyone!

A new year, a new beginning. It always prompts me to think about things I want to do differently this year. Last year, I was able to complete a large project I had been working on for awhile, and this has left me feeling free… free to dive back into my personal work again. I am quite excited for what the new year might bring!

Along with the usual resolutions of eating healthier and being more active, I hope to create and share more or my personal art with you. Two words I’ve picked to help shape my goals this year are consistency and simplify. I would like to be more consistent with taking time each week to work on personal art. I also have a history of overcomplicating everything I want to do… so let’s keep it simple, stupid.

Here’s to a new year and a new opportunity to continue shaping my career as an artist. Thank you to everyone who continues to follow along with me on my journey… your support does not go unnoticed and I appreciate it so much!

With much gratitude,